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Travel - Responsive Email Template

Thank you for purchasing Travel Email Template. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here.
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Template Support:

HTML Structure

If you check the HTML code of any layout you will find that each row is highlighted with comments showing its start and end, so you can easily delete or duplicate any of them, here is a similar color formation to what you get if you open any layout in Firefox and choose View Page Source, part of the code looks like that:

Color Scheme

This theme has 6 different color mode that each one in its own folder with the same name of the color. According to your needs, you can use any of these color modes. If the color you need is not available in the colors you can easily create your own colors using the


  1. Login into
  2. Click on “Templates”
  3. Click on “Create Template”
  4. Click on “Code Your Own”
  5. Import HTML or Paste in code
  6. Give a name to your template
  7. Create a zip file of the html and image folder and browse for it
  8. Click “Upload”
  9. Now you see the template and code. Click on the bottom right “Save and Exit”
  10. Now click on “Campaigns"
  11. Top right drop down button “Create Campaign”
  12. Select “Regular Campaign”
  13. Enter your Campaign info and click on the bottom right “Next”
  14. Click on “Saved Templates”
  15. Select now the template you created
  16. Now you can hover over the modules and see 3 icons on the left.
  17. If you have duplicate a module you’ll be able to drag and drop or switch it. (Note: You can never drag and drop a module without duplicating.)
  18. Click at the bottom at the page of the page on “Edit Design” to edit the template layout.
  19. You can hover over the text and images to edit or change them.
  20. When you have clicked on the Edit button of an image you’ll be able to Replace, Edit, Hyperlink or Alt link it.

(Note: Be sure to have all your images hosted on your own server.
For example: '

Campaign Monitor

  1. Login into
  2. Click on “Templates”
  3. Click on “Import” located at center-right
  4. Give a name to your template
  5. Browse for the html file that belongs to your template
  6. Browse for the images folder that is archieved in a zip format
  7. Click “Add template” and the proceed to your campaigns
  8. Edit the content within the template, by clicking “Edit Design” or/and proceed to save it by clicking “Save and Exit” in the lower right side
  9. Use the template by going to the Templates, and choosing your template for sending out the campaign, or create a new campaign with the pre-loaded template

Stamp Ready

  1. Login into
  2. Click on "New Campaign" button on the top right corner or at the side menu Campaigns > New Campaign
  3. Click on "Upload Template" and then “ZIP File”
  4. Make a zip file from the folder inside StampReady folder not entire StampReady folder The zip file structure must be like this:
    .zip > folder > index.html, images folder and thumbnails folder
    Not this:
    .zip > index.html, images folder and thumbnails folder
  5. Does the template look good? No weird images such as question marks or tiny red X's? Great! Simply hit “Use Template” and give your template (campaign), a name.
    Done! More info about how to use template builder.


If you have any question, feel free to contact me via this email and ask your question. In the end we are thankful for purchasing our products and your trust. If it is possible, rate this product. We will be very grateful of you rates.

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